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Episode 025 – Wii Play Catch


I want to apologize to all our listeners for our show taking a two month break. It wasn’t planned and unfortunately, couldn’t be helped. As always, thank you so much for continuing to listen. There were many games to discuss in this episode and felt good after a slow year. One of the games we discussed was Mario Kart 7 and the creation of the Wii Are Fanboys community. Above is the search code for our community. If you would like to download the show click HERE and I hope to race all of you soon.



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Building A Zeldaish Roguelike With Class

Not long ago I reveled an idea of mine to merge two of my favorite genres, mainly in a plan that would make roguelikes a more approachable game type. I apparently am not the only person that thinks a combination of Zelda and a roguelike would be magical and bridge a wide gap for people to the wonders of the roguelike; indie developer Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy) has announced that he is actually making such a game as opposed to my pie in the sky idea. Continue reading


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Summer of Backlog

There hasn’t been a ton of games to play this summer so I’ve been doing what I always do, working on my backlog. Most of the games I’ve completed in the last month range from old to very old. Much like Adam, I don’t feel the need to rate the games I write about. I just figured I would touch on each game I played and the experience of playing it. I started out this month finally completing a title I’d missed back at it’s release date.

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The Zelda II Competition Is Over

It was actually over a few days ago but I just got the time to post this. It took me about 20 hours to complete Zelda II in 6 play session. I can easily say I don’t hate Zelda II anymore but I still dislike many parts of the game. The music, the translation, and some lazy programming are the main complaints I have. The biggest positive has to be the combat. It’s also what separates this game from all the other Zelda titles, with the exception of a few parts in Link’s Awakening. Adam has said to me on numerous occasions that this game deserves the Metroid Zero treatment and now I am more inclined to agree with him. Basically, there is good gameplay here, it just needs a lot of polish to make it shine. I am glad that Ac and I had this little competition or else I never would have seen this end screen that made me laugh so hard. It’s technically a spoiler so click-through to view. Continue reading

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It’s On Like… Zelda II

A mutual friend of Adam and myself has recently started playing what I regard as the worst Zelda ever created for a Nintendo platform. I’ve decided to play it along side him for two reasons, I would like to give it one last chance and for the pure competition of seeing who can finish it first. The latter might be a terrible reason to play through a game but it’s motivating me none the less. The only positive thing I can say about the game so far is that it’s not as bad as I remember it. There are things about the game that I’ve been enjoying as opposed to before when there was nothing. I am interested to hear our listener’s/reader’s comments on Zelda II. Comment below or shoot me a email. Good luck Ac.

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New Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Trailer

This is a pretty good video as far as quality and spectacular as far a content. Skyward Sword is easily my most anticipated US Wii release that I currently know about.

EDIT: Here is the official tailer pulled off of ign’s youtube account. The original video was not showing up for some reason. Enjoy!

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