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All The Things I Do Not Like About Tropical Freeze

The music. The level design. The fact that I have to play as Donkey Kong. That you have press select 3 times to get into a level. There is no SNES controller setup. Donkey Kong Island doesn’t look like Donkey Kong’s head. Rambi is the only Animal Buddy. No Take-Turn multiplayer. No K. Rool or Kremlings. That auto saves make lives pointless. You cannot skip checkpoints. The loading times for speed runs (the load times in general don’t bother me).  That the game doesn’t have this song. I have nothing good to spend my coins on. The secret areas are all the same. No Miiverse integration.



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E3 2012 Predictions


Mild: Animal Crossing 3DS gets a release date and is on the eShop too.

Hot: New Metroid title on either the Wii U or 3DS.

Fire: Wii U launches at the same launch price as the Wii, oh and it plays 3DS games too.


Mild: See more New Super Mario Bros. 2.

(Should be called New Super Mario Bros. 3 but whatever.)

Hot: See more on Pokemon Black and White 2.

Fire: Get a North American release date for Monster Hunter Tri G


Mild: New Monster Hunter that has Wii U/3DS cross play online.

Hot: New console Pokemon action RPG with online verses.

Fire: F-Zero Double Dash for the Wii U.

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A Concept I Would Like To See On Wii U

When Wii U was first introduced at E3 earlier this year, it raised many an eyebrow.  Many were confused about the concept of the console.  Was it just a new controller or an actual console?  What was it?  Why should we care?  Another group of people, from the very same crowd at the same event, totally got it.  They realized this could be a game changer, and ideas began spinning in their head of new gameplay ideas for Wii U.  They realized the potential of Wii U for new ways to play.  I was one of these people.  There was a plethora of creative ideas from people shortly after the event.  I want to talk about my personal favorite game concept for Wii U.  Now, I may not be the first to have had this idea pop in my head, but I did want to define the idea here in more detail.  I’m not a game designer, but if I was, this is where I would concentrate my efforts for Nintendo’s next generation.  Here’s my idea.

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Episode 022 – E3eShopWiiU

With all the E3 announcements and 3DS update, Adam and I had quite a bit to discuss. I had a lot of fun recording with Adam this week. Hopefully you will enjoy it as well. Click HERE to download the show and thanks for listening. Also, If you get a opportunity we would appreciate a review. No pressure.

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There’s A Hang Glider In Mariokart 3DS

Nintendo had a pretty good E3 with tons of new stuff announced. There’s so much to talk about and we should have a wrap up show later this week. I am personally excited for many of the titles announced and of course for Wii U. If I have one complaint, it’s gotta be the lack of Wii games announced at the show. As far as the hang gliding in Mariokart, I know it’s a minor tweak to the overall formula, but it still made me smile and got me interested in Mariokart again. I’ll talk more in depth on this and all the other titles announced with Adam later this week. Until then we would love to hear about your impressions of Wii U and the show in general. Hit us up with a email or a comment and give us some show material!

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