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Episode 026 – Beauties Of The Beast 64

Adam and I are constantly discussing how ugly we think N64 games are so this episode Adam made our favorite thing, a list. We also discuss all the games we’ve enjoyed over the last two months. It’s available HERE for all to enjoy and thanks again for listening.




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Pokemon Black and White Version 2


 Not much has been announced so far but we do know that it’s going to be a Nintendo DS game not 3ds. The strange thing is instead of releasing a new color like usual, (platinum, emerald, yellow) Nintendo is releasing secondary versions of each color. Personally I would have preferred the next game in the series at least have a 3ds version as well not just be backwards compatible. Either way though I’m always excited for new Pokemon games and hopefully this installment will take the best Pokemon game engine so far and perfect it. 


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019 – Goodbye DS

The title says it all. As I am typing this post we are two hours from heading out to Gamestop to pay for our 3ds. Unfortunately, we then have to wait two hours for midnight. I am not sure why we have to show up at 10 pm just to pay but that’s the rule. Guess I’ll get a couple more hours of ds in. Hope everyone enjoys our send off to my favorite system. You can download the episode HERE.

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