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A Concept I Would Like To See On Wii U

When Wii U was first introduced at E3 earlier this year, it raised many an eyebrow.  Many were confused about the concept of the console.  Was it just a new controller or an actual console?  What was it?  Why should we care?  Another group of people, from the very same crowd at the same event, totally got it.  They realized this could be a game changer, and ideas began spinning in their head of new gameplay ideas for Wii U.  They realized the potential of Wii U for new ways to play.  I was one of these people.  There was a plethora of creative ideas from people shortly after the event.  I want to talk about my personal favorite game concept for Wii U.  Now, I may not be the first to have had this idea pop in my head, but I did want to define the idea here in more detail.  I’m not a game designer, but if I was, this is where I would concentrate my efforts for Nintendo’s next generation.  Here’s my idea.

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Episode 023 – Wii Want on eShop

Better late than never right? I am used to the lack of games during the summer but, I am not used to trying to do a show during it. Still, I think Adam and I found a few good topics to hit on during the show. The image above is a game we touch on and would both love to see on the 3ds. Thank you everyone for sticking with us and continuing to listen. Our numbers have been way up lately and we have you to thank for it. So click HERE to listen and please review us on iTunes. As always your comments and emails are welcome. Enjoy!

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&^#%^$*&&^$ Pandora’s Tower

This is coming out May 26th in Japan. Nintendo, you are crazy secretive.

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