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Episode 026 – Beauties Of The Beast 64

Adam and I are constantly discussing how ugly we think N64 games are so this episode Adam made our favorite thing, a list. We also discuss all the games we’ve enjoyed over the last two months. It’s available HERE for all to enjoy and thanks again for listening.




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Where Did All The Arcades Go?

Adam and I have spoke of a mutual friend on numerous occasions on the show. Recently, he has expressed interest in writing on the site. This article posted below is his first effort of hopefully many. So it’s my pleasure to introduce all of our readers to Wii Are Fanboys’ newest contributor, Alan Chung!

Brad and Adam have been gracious enough to post a writeup from me on their wonderful Nintendo fansite. Since this is my first writeup, I thought that I would write about a subject that I’m truly passionate and knowledgeable about, The Arcade! Continue reading


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Trackmania: Build to Race

“Trackmania is the Super Meat Boy of racing games.”      -Adam Prenger

Now I get that Trackmania has been around for years more than Super Meat Boy but it seems to have garnered much more attention in the gaming community. I am not a huge racing fan, but there are some racing games that I really like; Mario Kart (especially Double Dash), Burnout Paradise, ExciteTruck, Forza 3, ExciteBots, Kirby Air Ride, Automoblili Lamborghini, and Beetle Adventure Racing. Trackmania is a great game that needs to have more attention.

With multiple racing modes, 4 player local multiplayer, Wifi mulitiplayer, and a track editor; there is a lot to do in Trackmania.

You can currently pick up Trackmania for only 10 dollars at Gamestop.

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