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Why Hasn’t The Maku Wuhu Glitch Been Fixed Yet!?



This is the perfect video to show you the garbage that still exists in this otherwise awesome game. I’ve played over 60 hours of Mario Kart 7 so far and still, every online match I play there’s always someone repeatedly picking this level to cheat. It’s a shame because the lap you skip is a lot of fun but if you don’t cheat you’ll finish dead last every time and lose points. I hope that Nintendo fixes this issue soon. I also hope they don’t say anything either so all the cheaters lose a few matches before they figure it out.


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Episode 025 – Wii Play Catch


I want to apologize to all our listeners for our show taking a two month break. It wasn’t planned and unfortunately, couldn’t be helped. As always, thank you so much for continuing to listen. There were many games to discuss in this episode and felt good after a slow year. One of the games we discussed was Mario Kart 7 and the creation of the Wii Are Fanboys community. Above is the search code for our community. If you would like to download the show click HERE and I hope to race all of you soon.


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Where Did All The Arcades Go?

Adam and I have spoke of a mutual friend on numerous occasions on the show. Recently, he has expressed interest in writing on the site. This article posted below is his first effort of hopefully many. So it’s my pleasure to introduce all of our readers to Wii Are Fanboys’ newest contributor, Alan Chung!

Brad and Adam have been gracious enough to post a writeup from me on their wonderful Nintendo fansite. Since this is my first writeup, I thought that I would write about a subject that I’m truly passionate and knowledgeable about, The Arcade! Continue reading


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