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Episode 023 – Wii Want on eShop

Better late than never right? I am used to the lack of games during the summer but, I am not used to trying to do a show during it. Still, I think Adam and I found a few good topics to hit on during the show. The image above is a game we touch on and would both love to see on the 3ds. Thank you everyone for sticking with us and continuing to listen. Our numbers have been way up lately and we have you to thank for it. So click HERE to listen and please review us on iTunes. As always your comments and emails are welcome. Enjoy!


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This 3DS Fighter Has A Ryu In It As Well

Prior to the release of Dead Or Alive Dimensions I had only played Doa 4. While I enjoyed my time with it I was never a huge fan of the series. Doa dimensions for the 3ds, with all it’s flaws, has changed my mind slightly. Continue reading

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Episode 022 – E3eShopWiiU

With all the E3 announcements and 3DS update, Adam and I had quite a bit to discuss. I had a lot of fun recording with Adam this week. Hopefully you will enjoy it as well. Click HERE to download the show and thanks for listening. Also, If you get a opportunity we would appreciate a review. No pressure.

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These Titles Are Staying On Your DSi

Nintendo recently outlined what’s to come with the June 6th 3DS update. Most things mentioned is stuff we’ve already discussed on the show but there was a few new interesting details. Such as, the built in Internet browser is not made by Opera. Instead it will be provided by a company called NetFront. While it still can’t run flash, it will be able to display 3d images posted. I’m excited to see some clever uses of 3d online and to also try it on our own site. Nintendo also outlined what titles couldn’t be transferred from DSi to 3DS. I am unaware if this is permanent or not but let’s hope for Earthworm Jim’s sake it’s not. Below is the full list posted on Nintendo’s support site.

Asphalt IV
Earthworm Jim
Flipnote Studio
Let’s Golf
Nintendo DSi Browser
Oregon Trail
Real Soccer 2009
Real Soccer 2010
Sudoku Student

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3ds Update On It’s Way

The official date is June 6th. Nintendo said originally that it would be late may so this announcement comes as a little bit of a disappointment. While the press release was vague it did make mention of the Internet Browser and eshop finally being usable with this update. If you are interested in reading the announcement click HERE

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