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Episode 020 – A Latte To Discuss

I’ve gotta say, it feels good to be podcasting again. I was really starting to miss it. We cover a ton of topics in this episode. As always, thank you everyone for listening to our show and checking out our website. You can download episode 20 by clicking HERE.


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019 – Goodbye DS

The title says it all. As I am typing this post we are two hours from heading out to Gamestop to pay for our 3ds. Unfortunately, we then have to wait two hours for midnight. I am not sure why we have to show up at 10 pm just to pay but that’s the rule. Guess I’ll get a couple more hours of ds in. Hope everyone enjoys our send off to my favorite system. You can download the episode HERE.

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Trick, Ghost or Not to Ghost

I just saw this and it strikes me as odd.

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