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What’s The Opposite Of Going Green?

I don’t like the new trend in video game cases being full of holes and being flimsy; all in the name of going green. So a few days ago I ordered 20 white Wii DVD cases in attempt to get the old style cases to replace the eco-cases that are still accompanying some of my games and any future games I may buy.

Half the cases I received are the new cases, so I guess I only wasted $13. And yes, I am crazy enough to spend money just to replace these junk cases.


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Ever Wanted to Know What the Inside of 3DS Case Looked Like?



I must say it doesn’t look that bad. It is actually quite pleasant looking. Only time will tell if these case will feel like flimsy garbage.

EDIT: After seeing the brilliant use of the eco holes for Nintendogs I have a new hope.

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