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Episode 023 – Wii Want on eShop

Better late than never right? I am used to the lack of games during the summer but, I am not used to trying to do a show during it. Still, I think Adam and I found a few good topics to hit on during the show. The image above is a game we touch on and would both love to see on the 3ds. Thank you everyone for sticking with us and continuing to listen. Our numbers have been way up lately and we have you to thank for it. So click HERE to listen and please review us on iTunes. As always your comments and emails are welcome. Enjoy!


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This 3DS Fighter Has A Ryu In It As Well

Prior to the release of Dead Or Alive Dimensions I had only played Doa 4. While I enjoyed my time with it I was never a huge fan of the series. Doa dimensions for the 3ds, with all it’s flaws, has changed my mind slightly. Continue reading

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A Direction I Always Hoped Pokemon Would Go

Since playing the original Smash Brothers I always hoped that Nintendo would make a 2d fighter centered around the world of Pokemon. Unfortunately the video above is not a official release so who knows how much longer it’ll be around. Basically, download it right now!

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Episode 021 – Winging It: E3 2011

First off let me apologize for the lack of posts and shows lately. Basically, until we get some more games out for the 3ds and learn what’s coming from E3 there isn’t much to talk about. Despite all that, this podcast was very fun to record. The title says it all so download it HERE and as always thanks for listening!

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Knock Knock. Who’s There? 3D HADOUKEN!

I know it’s probably a huge shock to listeners of the show that my first post about the 3ds is about Super Street Fighter 4. Before I gush on and on about one of my favorite series I’ll get the negative out-of-the-way. Thank you Capcom for finally putting Street Fighter 4 on a Nintendo platform, something that should have happened years ago. Alright, with that done we can move on to what is great about the game.

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