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Nintendo E3 2015: Perception and Reality

It is the morning after. The morning after a seemly dismal Nintendo E3 performance. You would think that Nintendo’s showcase from their Digital Event was worse than that of their press conference in 2008. You would think that Nintendo showed nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing cute, nothing worth playing, but that is simply not true.

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A List of Some Upcoming 3DS Games in Pictures

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I Wish These Were On The 3DS

Here are two games that I wouldn’t mind seeing on the 3DS as eShop titles. I have no control over that but a boy can dream, right?

The first is an indie game by studio Photon Storm called Cat Astro Phi.

You can play it here >>> GAME

It looks like this, but don’t watch the whole video because it’s the whole game, SPOILERS!

P.S. I played this with an Xbox 360 controller, much better than keyboard controls.

The other game would be great in 3D on the 3DS, is an arcade game within the game Catherine. This game within a game is called Rapunzel and if Atlus took the basic game and built upon it; with blocks of course, and made it into more of it’s own game I think it would fit well on the eShop. Take a look at the first stage to get an idea of what it’s like.

P.S. I played this with an Xbox 360 controller, not that I could use a keyboard.

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