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Pokemon Black and White Version 2


 Not much has been announced so far but we do know that it’s going to be a Nintendo DS game not 3ds. The strange thing is instead of releasing a new color like usual, (platinum, emerald, yellow) Nintendo is releasing secondary versions of each color. Personally I would have preferred the next game in the series at least have a 3ds version as well not just be backwards compatible. Either way though I’m always excited for new Pokemon games and hopefully this installment will take the best Pokemon game engine so far and perfect it. 



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Pushmo is Finally Out!

Pushmo QR Code

Ever since the Eshop was announced I’ve been excited for the potential of new downloadable 3d games. Personally, I found Freaky Forms to have a ugly art style and boring game mechanics. So, the only hope I had for a great original Eshop game before the year ends was Pushmo. Does it live up to hype I built up in my mind? Continue reading

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Super Mario 2D Land

No, the article title above is not a typo.  There are a lot of characteristics from 2D Mario games that can be found in Super Mario 3D Land.  As a Mario veteran, I can really appreciate this game, and how Nintendo approached game development this time around.  They could have easily made Super Mario Galaxy 3(D), but they didn’t.  After extensively playing this game, I can say I’ve enjoyed this game more than Galaxy 1, 2, or Mario 64.  That’s saying a lot.  The reason is simple.  While these games have evolved the game play of Mario in 3D worlds and future-proofed the franchise, I missed 2D Mario, and I wasn’t the only one.  As much as the Mario franchise gained from the groundbreaking Mario 64, and Galaxy, many of the staples, and aspects we grew up on and loved were lost.  We gained some, but we lost some.  Some people noticed, and some people didn’t.  Why would Nintendo go back and release 2D Mario games (New Super Mario Bros. for DS, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii) in recent times?  For all things that 3D Mario encompasses, it doesn’t encompass all things Mario.  The Mario franchise felt more complete with both 3D and 2D titles available.  However, Nintendo was very shrewd with this new recent Mario title.   They combined all that was good in both types of games, and made what is essentially a Mario’s greatest hits compilation.  For the first time in this era of 3D Mario (that began with Mario 64), I feel complete again about Mario.  There’s no division here.  It’s not either 3D or 2D styles.  This new Mario title has it all, and I don’t have to play 2 separate games to have it all.  I really hope Nintendo continues on this trend of unification.

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Mario land 3d 1-up trick

This trick is nothing new. It’s been in many Mario games but it’s still fun to do. I made this video in 2-1. Adam informed me that he was able to do it later in the game. If its anything like New Super Mario Brothers Wii then there’s probably tons of places.

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Episode 024 – Falling For 3DS

Well, it’s been almost 2 months but we’ve finally posted a new episode. I feel like I’m writing these apology posts once a month but so be it. Sorry to all our listeners for the sporadic release schedule. Were doing our best and as always thanks for sticking with us. This episode, while being a short one, is still full of awesome Nintendo goodness. So download HERE and enjoy! By the way, Adam and I have been brainstorming like crazy and have a bunch of episode ideas in the pipeline so stay tuned… Or subscribed. Whatever.

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