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Episode 025 – Wii Play Catch


I want to apologize to all our listeners for our show taking a two month break. It wasn’t planned and unfortunately, couldn’t be helped. As always, thank you so much for continuing to listen. There were many games to discuss in this episode and felt good after a slow year. One of the games we discussed was Mario Kart 7 and the creation of the Wii Are Fanboys community. Above is the search code for our community. If you would like to download the show click HERE and I hope to race all of you soon.



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Episode 022 – E3eShopWiiU

With all the E3 announcements and 3DS update, Adam and I had quite a bit to discuss. I had a lot of fun recording with Adam this week. Hopefully you will enjoy it as well. Click HERE to download the show and thanks for listening. Also, If you get a opportunity we would appreciate a review. No pressure.

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There’s A Hang Glider In Mariokart 3DS

Nintendo had a pretty good E3 with tons of new stuff announced. There’s so much to talk about and we should have a wrap up show later this week. I am personally excited for many of the titles announced and of course for Wii U. If I have one complaint, it’s gotta be the lack of Wii games announced at the show. As far as the hang gliding in Mariokart, I know it’s a minor tweak to the overall formula, but it still made me smile and got me interested in Mariokart again. I’ll talk more in depth on this and all the other titles announced with Adam later this week. Until then we would love to hear about your impressions of Wii U and the show in general. Hit us up with a email or a comment and give us some show material!

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Episode 021 – Winging It: E3 2011

First off let me apologize for the lack of posts and shows lately. Basically, until we get some more games out for the 3ds and learn what’s coming from E3 there isn’t much to talk about. Despite all that, this podcast was very fun to record. The title says it all so download it HERE and as always thanks for listening!

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The Pax East 2011 Podcast

I struggled with this recording for hours yesterday. Unfortunately, the quality was pretty poor. I managed to get it up to about sub par. I apologize to all of our listeners.  I’m so used to gearing the show to sound good with Skype that when we finally got in a room together I didn’t know what I was doing. The only thing I can recommend is crank up that volume.  As always thank you for listening. You can download the show HERE

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The PAX East 2011 Super Mega Post

Goodbye Boston and goodbye Pax East 2011. I’m not quite sure what those buildings are but you could see them from the convention center. If you read my earlier posts you know how I feel about the show in general but I figured I would post what little Nintendo pictures I managed to find. Also Adam and I did record a show while there and it should be up in the next couple days.  So read after the bump for a bunch of cosplay pictures and a few Nintendo booth pictures. Continue reading

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Where are the Nintendo games?

It’s day two at pax and I’m already sitting down trying to figure out what to do next. So far I’ve only wanted to play a handful of games and they are all on the 3ds. Besides Capcom and Nintendo there are basically no games for Wii or Ds fans.  Even Nintendo’s booths are light on new games. After you wait in line for a hour to play the 3ds all that’s left is Mario’s Sports mix or Pokemon Black/White. Don’t get me wrong the 3ds blew my mind and Pokemon Black/White is probably the best Pokemon game thus far. Okamiden is on the floor as well but how much do you want to play of a single player adventure. I personally just wanted to get a feel for the great controls which took about 10 minutes. After that theres still 6 more hours to kill and no more nintendo to see. I hate that I feel this way. I am at a convention built for nerds like me or so I thought and yet I’m struggling to be interested in what’s left. I guess I just have to except the fact that we as Nintendo fans are just a after thought at conventions. The 3ds was pretty amazing though….


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