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Where Did All The Arcades Go?

Adam and I have spoke of a mutual friend on numerous occasions on the show. Recently, he has expressed interest in writing on the site. This article posted below is his first effort of hopefully many. So it’s my pleasure to introduce all of our readers to Wii Are Fanboys’ newest contributor, Alan Chung!

Brad and Adam have been gracious enough to post a writeup from me on their wonderful Nintendo fansite. Since this is my first writeup, I thought that I would write about a subject that I’m truly passionate and knowledgeable about, The Arcade! Continue reading



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A Direction I Always Hoped Pokemon Would Go

Since playing the original Smash Brothers I always hoped that Nintendo would make a 2d fighter centered around the world of Pokemon. Unfortunately the video above is not a official release so who knows how much longer it’ll be around. Basically, download it right now!

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Episode 022 – E3eShopWiiU

With all the E3 announcements and 3DS update, Adam and I had quite a bit to discuss. I had a lot of fun recording with Adam this week. Hopefully you will enjoy it as well. Click HERE to download the show and thanks for listening. Also, If you get a opportunity we would appreciate a review. No pressure.

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Episode 020 – A Latte To Discuss

I’ve gotta say, it feels good to be podcasting again. I was really starting to miss it. We cover a ton of topics in this episode. As always, thank you everyone for listening to our show and checking out our website. You can download episode 20 by clicking HERE.

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019 – Goodbye DS

The title says it all. As I am typing this post we are two hours from heading out to Gamestop to pay for our 3ds. Unfortunately, we then have to wait two hours for midnight. I am not sure why we have to show up at 10 pm just to pay but that’s the rule. Guess I’ll get a couple more hours of ds in. Hope everyone enjoys our send off to my favorite system. You can download the episode HERE.

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The Pax East 2011 Podcast

I struggled with this recording for hours yesterday. Unfortunately, the quality was pretty poor. I managed to get it up to about sub par. I apologize to all of our listeners.  I’m so used to gearing the show to sound good with Skype that when we finally got in a room together I didn’t know what I was doing. The only thing I can recommend is crank up that volume.  As always thank you for listening. You can download the show HERE

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The PAX East 2011 Super Mega Post

Goodbye Boston and goodbye Pax East 2011. I’m not quite sure what those buildings are but you could see them from the convention center. If you read my earlier posts you know how I feel about the show in general but I figured I would post what little Nintendo pictures I managed to find. Also Adam and I did record a show while there and it should be up in the next couple days.  So read after the bump for a bunch of cosplay pictures and a few Nintendo booth pictures. Continue reading

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