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I Want Faif On The Wii U

Faif is a game that was created by the Argentinian developer Beavl for the December 2013 Ludum Dare. The theme of the year’s competition was themed, “You only get one.” After choosing 5 adjacent tiles you only get one! That is essentially how the game Faif is played. Since it’s original creation for the Ludlum Dare game jam; Beavl has added improved graphics and sounds, AI to battle against, a shop to buy spells and upgrades, music, and stability fixes. Faif is now available on Android and iOS.

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Maverick Bird


I am not a fan of flappy bird, but one of my favorite game makers, Terry Cavanagh, has made a pretty cool clone. It actually has an original art style, it looks awesome. The music. The Music. The Maverick.
I think having an actual button to press makes this type of game more enjoyable.

You can play it HERE!

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Demake Game Profile: Super Smash Land

Have you downloaded Super Smash Land yet?  If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?  It’s a free PC game (created by Dan Fornace) that was inspired by the Super Smash Brothers series.  It was just recently released on 9/14/11.  Super Smash Land is Smash Brothers as if it were released on the Nintendo Gameboy.  Think of the game, Battle Kid for the NES, except that it never went to cart.  The visuals, and sounds of the game are of 100% pure Gameboy retro goodness.  As if you had to have another reason to download it, I’ve gotten some serious hands-on with the game, and I’m happy to report that, for a non-Nintendo made game, it plays extremely well.  Well done.  I am very excited for this game.  Curiously enough, we have never gotten a Gameboy version of Smash Brothers.  This game fills in nicely in that regard.  If you love the Smash Brothers series, you’ll naturally love this game.

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Building A Zeldaish Roguelike With Class

Not long ago I reveled an idea of mine to merge two of my favorite genres, mainly in a plan that would make roguelikes a more approachable game type. I apparently am not the only person that thinks a combination of Zelda and a roguelike would be magical and bridge a wide gap for people to the wonders of the roguelike; indie developer Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy) has announced that he is actually making such a game as opposed to my pie in the sky idea. Continue reading


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I Wish These Were On The 3DS

Here are two games that I wouldn’t mind seeing on the 3DS as eShop titles. I have no control over that but a boy can dream, right?

The first is an indie game by studio Photon Storm called Cat Astro Phi.

You can play it here >>> GAME

It looks like this, but don’t watch the whole video because it’s the whole game, SPOILERS!

P.S. I played this with an Xbox 360 controller, much better than keyboard controls.

The other game would be great in 3D on the 3DS, is an arcade game within the game Catherine. This game within a game is called Rapunzel and if Atlus took the basic game and built upon it; with blocks of course, and made it into more of it’s own game I think it would fit well on the eShop. Take a look at the first stage to get an idea of what it’s like.

P.S. I played this with an Xbox 360 controller, not that I could use a keyboard.

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The Infinite Cave

One thing that I really like to do in my head is design games. Occasionally those designs manifest themselves into actual art. One such idea I had after playing hours of NetHack. After my discovering of NetHack, I became enthralled by the idea of procedurally generated level design, specifically in it’s ability to make typical game elements such as level layout different everytime.

My idea started with combining some procedurally generated elements into one of my favorite series and wrapping it in a easily approachable design.

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I Hope They Finish Super Bat Puncher

When Adam posted a video of this game earlier this week I was instantly intrigued. Since I am a huge fan of games like Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, and the Konami Rebirth titles it’s only natural that a game like Super Bat Puncher would be right up my alley. Continue reading

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