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To Stand or Not to Stand…..

It has recently been announced that the new Kid Icarus Uprising game for the 3DS is releasing with a free stand.  It is believed that the reason for this peripheral is due to discomfort from playing the game from a controls standpoint, and that this is a possible response to that.  While this could be true, I don’t see what the big deal is.  It seems that there is quite a bit of negativity surrounding this, not dissimilar to the reaction of the circle pad introduction.  I personally have not experienced this discomfort personally.  I did play Kid Icarus Uprising last year at PAX, but obviously the 3DS was attached to a stand, so my play time was inconclusive.

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What Is That?!

How arrogant of me. How utterly arrogant. All these years I had always assumed I knew mostly everything there was to ever know about the Nintendo Gameboy. I was wrong. About a month ago, I discovered a rare Gameboy peripheral that I’d never seen before or ever knew existed until now – the Konami Hyperboy. How could I have not known about this for all these years is beyond me. It’s a peripheral that was released by Konami in 1991 (never released in the US) that turns your Gameboy into a tabletop arcade. I had always viewed the Gameboy itself as a hybrid system; a cross between an NES and a Game & Watch. With this peripheral, it pushes the Gameboy more into the Game & Watch tabletop territory, which is what I love about it. This has got to be the coolest GameBoy peripheral ever made.

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Bring ‘Em On!!

On a recent podcast, Brad and Adam talked about some gameboy games that they would like to see on the 3DS virtual console service.  To complement that, here is my list of some personal favorites that I would like to eventually see on the service as well.

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Ni No Kuni TVCM

This commercial is so adorable.

To a lesser extent this as well.

This one has a cat and the girl is wearing a cute hair pin.

The more I think about Ni No Kuni, the more I am wanting to import it. I can’t find it cheap anywhere so I will wait until I have some expendable income.


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Import Game Profiles: Rhythm Tengoku Vs. Ouendan

Today, I profile two of the best music rhythm games money can buy, both of which are only available in Japan. Which game should you spend your time and money on?

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Captain Rainbow Needs Your Help!

I can’t remember exactly when Adam told me about the fan translation of Captain Rainbow but, I do remember how excited I was. Since then I haven’t heard anything on the subject so I decided to do a little investigating. All signs kept pointing to Kirameki an Italian/English sub team. Apparently sometime last year the Captain Rainbow project stalled due to lack of personnel and it isn’t until recent that they seem to be getting back on track. My reason for posting this article is simple, to get a little more awareness around this fantastic title and the awesome people over at Kiremeki. So if you ever want to play this awesome game and actually know what they are saying (I know I would) then head over to their site. Last I read they were looking for hackers to assist them in the project. I only wish I knew how to do what they needed.
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