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Game Over: The Spring of Puzzle Platformers


Platformers have always been my jam. To me there is nothing quite like running and jumping through a game. When your first memories are of playing Super Mario Bros. this makes complete sense. As I get older and I game less, the Puzzle Platformer has gained a special place in my heart. They are easier to pick and play in shorter bursts. I also like the emphasis on thinking over speed. The Puzzle Platformer genre is not an overly prevalent one but this Spring, Nintendo blessed us with two solid entries available in the eShop. Both games kept me occupied on the weekends and up late at night until they were completed to my satisfaction. Continue reading


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GAME OVER Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

I have never played a main series Final Fantasy game. I have tried Final Fantasy VII because of all the hype but I couldn’t get into it. I have however beat every single Crystal Chronicles game, and I have beat 4 Warriors of Light. When I was younger I didn’t understand RPG’s so I never played them and by the time I became interested in them I was playing Nintendo 64 (the point in which Nintendo stopped getting so many great RPG’s). Even without playing many Final Fantasy games, the series still has nudged a special place in my heart. I like a lot of the characters and enemies in Final Fantasy and the music is always good, so when a highly stylized rhythm game based on Final Fantasy comes out I can’t pass that up. Continue reading

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Game Over: Samurai Warriors Chronicles

I would first like to take this oportunity to introduce my own personal take on the video game review. I call it GAME OVER. I don’t feel that I need to assign a score to a game so I just write about it after I have essentially beat any given game. I write about what I think about the game, what I like, what I don’t like, and anything else that may give someone else a better idea of what the game is and if they will like it, or not.

In the past few weeks I have finished the brunt of what Samurai Warriors Chronicles has to offer. After traveling through the strife and turmoil of Japan’s Warring States period with my created character named Makio, I finally reached the credits. All the while I was switching sides, fighting against former leaders and becoming allies with every officer that I came across. I began to assume that Makio was nothing more than a human representation of the fighting spirit among the many different leaders of Japan at that time period. Despite the fact that many of the playable characters had the same goal; it was my warrior spirit Makio was the one thing that bonded Japan together in the end.

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