So You Thought Kirby’s Epic Yarn Was to Easy?

Judging from the video posted below this is the game that the “Hardcore” Kirby fans have been waiting for. It resembles Kirby’s Adventure in look and game play yet seems to have a few twists on the classic style. With enemies that are four times as big as Kirby, sucking in multiple enemies at once, and what appears to be some screen clearing power moves this Kirby game seems to be tweaking the old formula. I am personally very excited that this game was announced and look forward to seeing more on the game.

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Episode 016 is Up!

Of course if you’re a subscriber you already knew but for those of you who are not you can subscribe through Itunes HERE or just download directly HERE. As always thanks for listening!

P.S.  Here is the picture of my Kirby tattoo I promised months ago on the show.



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I’ve Got to Start Somewhere

I figured my first post should be something important to me. I sat in front of my pc for a while struggling to decide on a topic. I finally decided I should write about the GBA SP and how amazing a system it was/is. I figured why not start with the best Gameboy ever designed. Personally my favorite Gameboy is the Gameboy Micro. Even though its my preference I still feel that the GBA SP is a better designed system, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I should probably start with the weaker of the three systems in the GBA line.

I’ve got to be honest I hate how long it is. This is one of my least favorite Gameboys despite how much of an advance it is from the Gameboy Color. Continue reading

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Wii Are A Thing

After more than a few months of recording the Wii Are Fanboys podcast, and slightly less time talking about how we should get a website up and running; we finally did it!

Let me personally explain the circumstances of Wii Are Fanboys…

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