I Want Faif On The Wii U

Faif is a game that was created by the Argentinian developer Beavl for the December 2013 Ludum Dare. The theme of the year’s competition was themed, “You only get one.” After choosing 5 adjacent tiles you only get one! That is essentially how the game Faif is played. Since it’s original creation for the Ludlum Dare game jam; Beavl has added improved graphics and sounds, AI to battle against, a shop to buy spells and upgrades, music, and stability fixes. Faif is now available on Android and iOS.

The current plans for Faif are to add multiplayer so that you can battle against friends and I am delighted that is the next step for Beavl’s development. Multiplayer ties in well with an idea that I have had since I started playing the game. I think this would make a great Wii U game.

Nintendo has made Unity development easy to port to the Wii U and that is the engine that Faif is built on. I had an idea of a Wii U game with local multiplayer. The idea I have starts out simple. Two people taking turns selecting their 5 adjacent tiles by passing the Wii U GamePad and using the touch screen, or by passing a Wii Remote and making the selection from the TV screen. That is a simple idea, and the game could even make use of the what I assume is an online multiplayer that is in development for the existing versions of the game. But because of what the Wii U is; it can do more than what a single screen on an phone , tablet or PC could do.
faif wii u
On the Wii U the multiplayer could expand to add 2 on 2 team battles, 4 on 4 battles, 8 player battle royals. I think Faif could make a great party game. It’s light RPG elements mixed with gambling could make for a fun experience similar to Dokapon Kingdom. That is also why I think an overworld type of board game aspect could really capitalize on the game’s existing strengths. Having what is already in Faif function as the battle system, I can easily see a game where you move around and explore similar to Dungeons and Dragons.

What ever happens with Faif’s future, I hope that it will end up on the Wii U in some way. It is a great game. And the Wii U is a great system, with functionality not seen anywhere else and it’s building a strong momentum with independent developers. At the moment there isn’t a ton of competition and it a great area for a unique game to establish itself on a unique system. Please Beavl consider taking your game to more platforms.



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