Nintendo and E3 2012

Nintendo’s E3 press conferences always confuse me. I’m not the type of person that gets mad when they show things like Wii Fit U or SiNG (this make me think of CiNG and it makes me sad that Nintendo didn’t buy them when they went bankrupt). I just want there to be a better balance to what is showcased during the actual press conference. Something that could help address this issue is by fixing another issue I have, time management. Nintendo E3 press conferences usually have very slow speech, long pauses and Matryoshka dolls worth of introductions.

I liked the way the show started, I always enjoy hearing the way Mr. Miyamoto describes gaming in his unique and occasionally awkward ways. This also typically involves one of my other favorite people within Nintendo, Bill Trinen. I like Bill Trinen because he seems to understand what Nintendo is to a much greater capacity than does Reggie Fils-Aime. This may be due to the fact he is Shigeru Miyamoto personal translator and probably has a close relationship with Mr. Miyamoto. It might also be to the fact that Mr. Trinen has a closer connection to the production of games. Whatever it is, I would rather him be the President of Nintendo of America.

Nintendo shows off Pikmin 3 and it looks great. It looks much as it has in the past, but in more detail and in high definition. There are new inclusions, a family team of commanders that can help you complete multiple tasks at once (I enjoyed the game being described as an action task manager), a new Rock Pikmin, and new enemies are among some of the things coming together to make Pikmin 3. I have always liked the ideas and style of Pikmin and I hope that with the Wii U GamePad and other new idea there will be enough for me to finally dive into the series.

From that point Reggie Fils-Aime took the helm and talked about Miiverse and its take on integrating social networking and gaming. It think it sounds amazing and despite not really hitting on it I hope that it is used for Wii Fit U, because social interaction and encouragement are what that series needs, probably the most.

There was also talk of New Super Mario Bros. U, a better name than New Super Mario Bros. Mii, but I still don’t like the whole “New” naming, and it sounds sort of like a school you go to learn how to play Mario games. What I have said in the past is, is that I would play a yearly installment of Mario, much in the way sports games are handled. At this point I won’t be eating crow because I am excited for this game. Flying Squirrel Suits, Baby Yoshis are back, and the backgrounds are gorgeous. Now on the Wii U NSMB has a 5 player mode, where the person with the GamePad can help the other 4 by building platforming and stunning enemies, sort like a more involved version of the Mario Galaxy 2nd player. I am excite.

I didn’t need to see Batman Arkham City, they still haven’t sold me on that series even with the new stuff and frankly the new stuff seemed lame. It didn’t need to be in the show.

WB did show something awesome, Scibblenauts Unlimited. I want that game. Super Scribblenauts was great but it was shorter than I would have preferred. Unlimited adds item editing and creation, actual story, and big levels.

Tank! Tank! Tank! Hardly shown at the conference but is one of the coolest things to come out of E3 for the Wii U. Seriously.

Ninja Gaiden 3 is being published by Nintendo and apparently they are fixing many of the problems that plagued the original iteration. Why not do this with Fatal Frame 4?

Aliens, Tekken, and whatever. Mass Effect got some big cheers in the montage.

Wii Fit U has a Pokewalker now and looks as fun as ever, that’s right, I think Wii Fit is fun. The video did seem weird though.

So I do have a problem with SiNG. I don’t mind that it exists, and I don’t mind that Nintendo showed it during the conference but they could have at least made it look more interesting than Wii Music. I liked Wii Music but even that felt a bit shallow, so please Nintendo don’t forget to have plenty of content in SiNG.

Then Nintendo went ahead and teased a separate show for 3DS. They briefly showed off a New Mario game, and Paper Mario game, and Luigi Mario game. The show is tonight at 8pm CST. I hope Monster Hunter is there.

And then there was Lego City Undercover. An open world game with Lego game where you play as a cop and use disguises, parkour around buildings, drive over a 100 different vehicles, and use Mario pipes. It has voice acting much like Lego Batman 2, and the same amusing cut scenes from your favorite Lego games.

Ubisoft at least tries to make games for Nintendo platforms. I might not care about Just Dance but they are apparently a lot of fun, and hopefully for the fans, Just Dance 4 is a good entry. Zombi U looks kind of good, but change that terrible name. I am way more excited about Rayman Legends than I am  for Assassin’s Creed.

Nintendo ended the show with Nintendo Land, a cool looking game that has games based on Nintendo franchises both beloved and mostly forgotten. This game is being called the new Wii Sports. I have read a few hands on articles for Nintendo Land but despite it looking and sounding great, Nintendo did a horrible job of making this game look fun and compelling on stage. They showed a Luigi’s Mansion game at the show, it is similar to Pacman Vs, man I wish it was more like Pacman Vs. I have also seen a Zelda game, and Animal Crossing game, a Donkey Kong game, and a Takamaru’s Ninja Castle game. I was really interesting what the other parts of the Nintendo theme park would be so I did some digging. And found a picture Nintendo of America released through twitter.

Let’s see what we have: Zelda, Pikmin (not Yoshi’s Cookie), Metroid, Mario, Luigi’s Mansion (not Shin Megami Tensei), Animal Crossing, Yoshi, Game & Watch (not Q*Bert or Brido), Donkey Kong (arcade, not Country), The Mysterious Murasama Castle, F-Zero, and Balloon Fight. Something I think is interesting is that of the 12 series, 8 of them originate from the NES time period, or earlier in the case of Game & Watch.

Lastly, it is a tragedy that Nintendo didn’t show off a game they are working on with Platinum Game, tentatively titled Project P-100, it looks amazing.


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