Let’s Set the Record Straight

Recently, there have been alot of rumors spreading on the internet about a 3DS analog stick add-on, and 3DS redesign rumors.  With Nintendo scheduling a conference on September 13 in Tokyo, it seemed to add fuel to the fire that something big was going down.  Well, a couple days ago, a leak from Famitsu magazine has appeared online, and confirms there is indeed a new 3DS add-on coming, as shown in the above picture.  It appears to be designed for a new Monster Hunter game for the 3DS, called Monster Hunter 3G, which is supposedly an expansion version of MHTri for Wii.  It is still unknown at this time if MH3G is coming to the States, and whether this add-on is made by Nintendo or Capcom, or both.  There’s also speculation about whether this add-on will be used for other games besides MH3G.

The above picture is actually not the picture that is being distributed widely online at this time.  When the news exploded about this, a rather unflattering, and distorted image from Famitsu magazine appeared to be making the rounds.  Thus far, most of the reaction has been negative.  But I think a lot of it has to do with the distorted image, making Nintendo look incompetent in mechanical and aesthetic design.  See the picture below for a comparison to see what I mean:

One can easily see that the right side add-on stick is significantly smaller due to the folding of the magazine page, and therefore distorted, and funny looking.  So I wanted to set the record straight about this.  My personal feelings are I like this add-on, but I have concerns about access to the buttons.  Other concerns include if this will divide up the consumer base, since adding a significant design change at this point in time is a bit risky, and has possibility to alienate early adopters.  Also, how is this add-on going to connect electrically to the 3DS?  I’d like to hear some theories from our fanboy readers on how this peripheral will accomplish that.  I’d also like to hear about how they feel about this peripheral in general, especially after seeing the undistorted image now.  Please sound off below.  I’d love to hear some comments about this.


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One response to “Let’s Set the Record Straight

  1. brad guise

    I hate to be the negative one but, this add on looks clumsy and stupid. I hope the monster hunter rumor is true though. I personally don’t need a camera for monster hunter. If it uses a system similar to mad world I will be satisfied.

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