Kirby’s Return To Dream Land

So the Kirby box art is kind of ugly, and the game it’s self is looking a bit flat, but the game looks like it plays like the classic Kirby that I long for. I honestly feel like Epic Yarn has more depth in the levels then Return To Dream Land and it’s flat.

The first level.

But I do have some good things to say about Kirby’s Return To Dreamland…

Nintendo seems to be in love with simultaneous 4-player multiplayer. While I prefer turn based multiplayer for the most part, I did really enjoy getting together with 3 friends and playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii. With Return To Dreamland I am cautiously optimistic. Kirby has had multiplayer before; Kirby and The Amazing Mirror, sadly I never got to partake in that multiplayer but it looked like fun and so this. What I like is that Return To Dreamland has four unique characters. I was bothered that in New Super Mario Bros Luigi and the Toads didn’t have different jumps and throws. Dedede looks cool, as does Meta Knight, but that pirate Waddle Dee, what is he hiding because he looks so weak and boring. What is your secret weapon Waddle Dee?

Kirby’s Return To Dream Land begins in North America on October 24.


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  1. brad guise

    I don’t usually disagree with Adam but I do this time. I think everything including the box art looks awesome! I can’t wait to play this game.

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