Summer of Backlog

There hasn’t been a ton of games to play this summer so I’ve been doing what I always do, working on my backlog. Most of the games I’ve completed in the last month range from old to very old. Much like Adam, I don’t feel the need to rate the games I write about. I just figured I would touch on each game I played and the experience of playing it. I started out this month finally completing a title I’d missed back at it’s release date.

The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker

This image captures the game perfectly for me. My favorite part was definitely the visuals. The music was great as well. It knew when to kick in and when to shut off. Many hours of this game are spent exploring the sea and the lack of music only added to atmosphere. The combat and puzzles were top notch Zelda. To date, this is my favorite 3d Zelda. Hopefully Skyward Sword will take what’s great about wind waker and improve on it.

Blaster Master

I’ve been struggling to beat this game for almost 20 years. I decided this summer would finally be the time. I buckled down and focused finally making past the third level. After you get the hover power up the platforming becomes very fun, until you realize the hover has a meter that depletes in two seconds. Blaster Master was survival horror before it even existed. Inventory management and exploration without your tank make the game very difficult and less fun. I’m happy to have finally beat it but less foot missions more tank would’ve been nice.

Kid Icarus

I have always hated this title. I tried to play when I was younger and didn’t like it at all. I’ve tried over the last few years to see why this game is so highly regarded with no success. During our last podcast Adam mentioned that there’s more to the game then the first few levels imply. Highly skeptical, I agreed on the show to try it one more time. I was completely wrong about this game. It wasn’t until I read a FAQ on the game that I finally understood how deep it was. Another NES title big on item management but also a two tier leveling system. It’s when I understood how leveling worked that Kid Icarus finally clicked for me. Kid Icarus is a hybrid of many different game types crammed in to a NES cart. From dungeon crawler, rpg, run and gun, to shooter, it’s got a little taste of almost everything.

De Blob

If you are looking for a 3d platformer with tons of color and tons of heart then the De Blob is for you. As you rescue the world from boring black and white the game explodes in color and music. Unfortunately the controls get in the way as you progress further in the game. You shake the wiimote to jump, which works perfectly earlier on, but as the jumps get more precise it becomes a bit frustrating. Overall, I still loved this game and I am eager to pick up the sequel.

Mario Sunshine

I don’t understand why this game is looked at so poorly among Mario fans. Maybe it’s the lack of traditional power ups. I personally found it to be refreshing. Plus Yoshi being in the game made it instantly fun. I found it to be more challenging then Mario 64 and both Mario Galaxies. Top notch platforming, great music, awesome level design, and fun new mechanics makes this one of my new favorite Mario titles to date. I truly hope this isn’t the only Mario game where FLUDD makes an appearance. Super Smash Brother Brawl doesn’t count.

I completed a few more titles but these are the ones I felt compelled to touch on. Backlog is often a subject on the show and we would love to hear about all of your backlogs. Send us email or comment below on how you deal with the summer lull.



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2 responses to “Summer of Backlog

  1. Adam Prenger

    glad to see one of us knocking out their backlog.

  2. AC

    I’m actually curious to see if kid Icarus will end up being 1 out of the 5 mystery free nes titles we are gettin on 3DS. If so I will try to get further on it as well. U got me interested.

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