Nintendo 3DS 6/6 (barely, CST) Update, First Impressions

Nintendo eShop channel replace the White Knuckles video.

There is a talking shopping bag, if he doesn’t have a name I’m calling him Bilbo Bag.

I am going to receive notifications from eShop, let’s hope it’s more frequent than the Wii Shop and Nintendo Channels on the Wii.

I can log into my Club Nintendo Account! I wanted this so much!

Loading screen is bouncing bags, really nice looking; as is all things Nintendo channel really.

At the bottom of the touch screen it lists popular searches and popular titles.

Tax rates! That is not making me a happy camper. Have fun with not dealing with that Brad.

Bilbo Bag shows up in the downloading screen. Balls hanging from a wire drop into the icon of whatever you are downloading and fill it like a box. After the download finishes you can view a receipt. I tried but an error occurred

I tried to view more information on Super Mario Land, an error occurred. This will probably get ironed out.

Navigation is easy, more information is available at one time than on the Wii or DSi. There is a tab for “Staff Picks”, it’s Cave Story so I am not complaining. There are also tabs like, DSi Favorites, 2-Player Games, Mario, and Strategy Games (which remineded me I need to download Mighty Milky Way). There is also a coming soon tab, when you click on the more information option it may look like it just displays screen shot, but use your stylus to pull up more information like number of players, genre, and features; hopefully video will be added at some point. I like it a lot.

The Rating system for games you have played for more than an hour is very much like the rating system within the Nintendo Channel on the Wii. I rated my favorite 3DS game so far, Samurai Warriors.


Then you have to download the Nintendo 3DS Transfer Tool from the DSi Shop.

Let the transfer begin! PIKMIN! This had got to be one of my favorite all time Nintendo experiences. Seriously! I’m not exaggerating.


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